Privacy is paramount

Real.ME is a family of simple and powerful apps that allow you to keep private things private

  • Privacy Defender - free chrome and firefox app, to manage your privacy settings in social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

    Privacy Defender

    Control Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin privacy settings, all in one place. See settings which need attention and make fixes in just two clicks. Learn more

  • DoNotTrack by Real.ME chrome & firefox apps detect and block companies tracking your search history and browsing activity


    Ever heard of cookies, tags, web bugs, pixels, and beacons? DonNotTrack by Real.ME blocks all those sneaky companies from tracking your private browsing activity. Learn more

  • Mask is a disposable email app that keeps spam out of your inbox


    Mask creates a one-time mail box that bounces to your primary email address. Never share your email with another site you don’t trust and put an end to unwanted junk for good. Learn more